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[ Moldmaking equipment includes:
• CNC milling machines (left, Mini Mill)
• Electrical discharge machines (right, Form 20) ]

Located in San Marcos, California, Plasmetex Industries attaches great importance to the quality of a mold.

The majority of our molds are made in-house by skilled machinists and moldmakers.

In-house moldmaking allows a close relationship between moldmaking and production departments.

This ensures that preproduction and first article runs are accomplished with minimal (if any) delays.

For questions, please contact us.

Our information is at the top right of the page.

[ Injection molding machine (ARBURG) ]

• Compression and transfer molding

• Injection molding

• Insert molding
Metallic terminals can be embedded in the plastic during molding or inserted after molding

• Production sizes
Ranging from short runs to millions of pieces

• Secondary operations
Drill holes, cut cases to height, etc.

[ From Catalog TM2 cover ]

Catalog EC2 - Encapsulating Cases
View plain cases online
Single 3D view + tabulations all dimensions included
View other cases online
Single 3D view + pdf all dimensions included
Request printed copy
All dimensions included

Catalog TM2 - Toroid Mounts and more
View parts online
Multiple 3D views + basic dimensions only
Request printed copy
All dimensions included

[ From data sheet ]

DAP data sheets
Cosmic Plastics

PPS data sheets
Ryton R-4
Chevron Phillips
Supec G401
GE Plastics

Miscellaneous notes
• Terminals
Can be supplied either lead-free (pure tinning) or with tin/lead plating
• Unless otherwise specified
All drawings are made to scale and all dimensions are in inches